Amy Frey

How long have you Amy Freyworked for Fleet Feet Hartford?
I started running with the No Boundaries group in 2009, began coaching around 2011 and formally started working in the store in 2013 - though, my son began working in the store in 2005 so I've been involved with the store for over a decade! 

Where are you from?
Born in NYC, spent most of childhood in WH. Back to NYC, Back to WH.

How do you Live Fit?
As a result of having been part of the NoBo's program (a gift from my sons), I have been running since 2009 after a successful career as a couch potato. I've dabbled with CrossFit and enjoy yoga which both complement my half marathon training nicely! In the summer I like to get out paddle boarding and kayaking.

What do you when you are not living the Fleet Feet dream?
I am the medical librarian at Hospital for Special Care, so that occupies a portion of my time. I also like to hook rugs, knit, read, and my guilty pleasure is disaster movies.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Well, I think I qualify chronologically as a grown up, as much as I'd like to deny that fact! However, that doesn't mean one has to get "old." I am committed to staying young at heart forever. As one who has covered a few more miles than I'd like to think about, I think I've done a rather good job so far, and the people I've met along the road - thanks to Fleet Feet - have helped me succeed.

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