Keith Almeida

Keith's Photo Series

How long has Keith worked for Fleet Feet Sports?
Keith started working at Fleet Feet in August 2010. 

Where is he from?
Keith grew up in Waterford, CT and went to Waterford High School.

How does Keith Live Fit?
Keith "Lives Fit" by running (he’s a Marathon Maniac), cycling, swimming, walking the dog and gardening.

What does Keith like to do when he is not living the Fleet Feet dream?
When Keith is not living the Fleet Feet dream, he is a “Dial-A-Ride” driver in Enfield.  He helps a lot of people get to medical appointments, shop and receive counseling for various physical and emotional ailments.  He also takes part in family activities, teaches CCD (6th grade for the past 10 years), reads a lot of books (many on the Kindle), gardens (it takes up a lot of time), and surfs the internet (he loves surfing). 

What does Keith want to be when he grows up?
“When I grow up I hope to volunteer even more.”

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