Patrick DellaPace

Patrick's Photo Series

How long have you worked for Fleet Feet Sports Hartford?
I began working at FF Hartford in September 2014, but I have been in the FF network since 2007. My post collegiate "fun job" began at the very first FF location in Sacramento, CA which eventually morphed into a career that has allowed me to journey from coast to coast. Since Sacramento I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Atlanta, Memphis, Menlo Park, and Encino teams in which I count myself extremely fortunate.

Where are you from?
Miami, FL

How do you Live Fit?
By getting my daily dose of Vitamin E (Exercise)...cheesy, I know. Running through the woods, hitting the surf, riding my mountain bike, and strength training all allow me to enjoy the Live Fit lifestyle.

What do you when you are not living the Fleet Feet dream?
I can be found spending time with my lovely wife, traveling, visiting with family, strumming the guitar, or searching for the best local eats.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
He-man. No explanation needed.

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