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Shoe WallWe consider it our number one job to understand what you are looking for and make sure you receive personal attention from our staff to help you find your best options. That’s why each of our staff is well trained in all the products we offer. We will also gladly special order items that we do not have in stock at no extra charge. And our computer customer database will keep track of what you have bought so you can check on your prior purchases over the phone or when you come into the store.

When you come to be fitted for shoes:

  •  We will first measure your foot and ask you a few questions, such as what types of activity you will using them for, how often you use them, and any current or past injuries.
  • TreadmillThen we’ll measure your feet, look at the shape of your feet and arches, and videotape you walking or running on our treadmill to check your gait. It’s at this point that we bring out what we consider good options for you.
  • You can try on as many shoes as you want, and we’ll check each shoe to make sure the length and width are right.
  • We also encourage you to test out each shoe by walking or running on the sidewalk outside or by using our aerobic step in the store.

When shopping for clothing:

  • You get the same great service.
  • We’ll explain the fabric and use of each item so that you can make an appropriate selection. It’s our personal service that brings our customers back to us time and again.



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