One step into our studio environment and you’ll see we aren’t a conventional fitness facility. Cutting-edge equipment and custom finishes create an intriguing space to workout, while dimmed lighting, thumping music, and a live DJ set the intensity level and mood within the studio. Outside the studio, large windows and vibrant colors amplify natural light to promote maximum alertness and productivity. We’ve created an atmosphere for an “experience,” not just a training session.

We specialize in intense circuit-style interval workout combining weight training, True Form treadmills and heavy bag boxing.  The signature workout paired with the high-intensity playlists and live entertainment provide the motivation needed to build lean muscle, melt away fat, and transform your body’s composition.  No single class is the same, keeping the workout fresh, unpredictable, and most importantly effective.  All skill levels + abilities welcome.

The BodyRoc Xperience:

  • 10 heavy punching bags custom made exclusively for BODYROC.
  • 10 powerless, button-less treadmills with curved running surface to improve form, stride, and create more efficient, durable runners.  No on + off switch here.  YOU are the motor!
  • Free weights, medicine balls, and other equipment will melt fat away + build muscle.
  • Enclosed soundproofed room maximizes the enjoyment of the party + intensity of the workout.
  • Specially designed floor absorbs impact + is forgiving on the knees.

Fleet Feet Peeps get their first class free!

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