“I met Heather and Dan at a Wednesday night fun run at Fleet Feet.  They explained their training methodology and convinced me to sign up for a free functional movement screen.  Following an injury in the fall, I had not been able to run more than a few miles without pain and was considering giving up on trying to run any longer distances.  After observing a series of movements during the screening, they were able to identify multiple inefficiencies in the way I move and explain how they related to recent running injuries.  It was eye-opening to hear someone explain clearly and specifically how certain movement patterns and imbalances were causing the issues.  Even more importantly, it was evident that they understood how to correct them. 

I had my consult with Dan and we discussed my health and fitness goals in great detail.  We made a plan to target the dysfunctions and improve my running.   Since then, I’ve been working out with both Heather and Dan.  The exercises are always individualized; everything they ask me to do has a specific purpose related to my end goals.  The trainers are very supportive and genuinely care about their clients’ success.  Since I started the individual personal training sessions, I was able to achieve my goal of finishing a half marathon without injuries.  I’m enjoying running again and just signed up for another half in the fall!”

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