Lisa G“I met Heather from Horizon Personal Training Centers at a race.  Horizon was on site offering pre and post run stretching.  Since my left hip flexor is usually tight and causes me night time pain as well as decreased range of motion, I asked to be stretched.  I was very happy I did.  Heather was able to adjust my left hip, something no-one had done before.  It felt great during the race and continued to feel good for about a week.   While stretching me, Heather was able to identify key issues that were causing my hip flexor to be tight.  That was information that was never brought to my attention by other professionals who had provided pre-race stretching.  The typical advice I had been receiving was to stretch more and use a foam roller.  That advice did not provide relief of the night time leg pain or the range of motion issues.  Heather’s knowledge impressed me and I knew I was going to follow up with her to schedule a one on one appointment.

 I’ve only had two physical therapy sessions with Heather and already I see measurable improvements.  The night time pain that would run down the outside of my left leg has stopped.  I’m back to getting a full night’s sleep and not waking up in pain.  That in itself is huge.  Additionally, I saw improvements in both my run time and stride length on my last race, something Heather told me might happen. 

Heather is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what we are working on and how the exercises she has me do during our sessions are correcting my leg/hip issues.  I’m very pleased that I took the time to meet Heather and the staff from Horizon Personal Training Centers.   It’s really has made a big difference in my comfort and performance.”  

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