Jenny Riggs

JennyOver the past 8 years I’ve transitioned from an over weight, over worked HR manager with no time to exercise, to a committed fitness advocate who has finally made working-out part of my life.   Every New Year my #1 resolution used to be to consistently exercise, and as a bonus achieve a drop in weight too.   But it was a planned hiking trip in Yellowstone National Park, and a sister-in-law who was working with a personal trainer that motivated me to seek some professional help. 

Kim Zengerle, who is now the owner of Ignite Fitness, (a Fleet Feet fitness partner) had just moved to Connecticut from her home in California.   She worked for another company that was running the fitness center in my workplace.  I started my fitness journey with Kim there, and I actually enjoy looking back – because wow have I progressed!

I’ve lost and kept off 25 pounds, and muscles replaced the baggage I used to carry around every day.   I don’t hesitate to wear sleeveless dresses in the summer, which is a huge change.  When traveling I help others put their luggage in the overhead bin after I’ve tossed mine in.   Not bad for a senior citizen.  My core is strong and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.   And the best part is Kim guided me to accomplish this while working around serious osteoarthritis in my knees, and hands.   That is what’s so amazing.  By working with a personal trainer you can be fit even if you have physical limitations.   Almost every one of my fellow baby-boomers that I know has a limitation.

Many years ago when I needed new shoes, Kim encouraged me to go to Fleet Feet. In West Hartford.  She helped me understand that all fitness shoes are not created equal.   Last month I bought my fourth pair of shoes there.   I worked with Marc who was amazingly knowledgeable and spent time teaching me about my feet using their 3-D foot scanner.  It was so interesting.  I learned differences in shoes among the many brands and why I liked the feel of some shoes more than others.  Then to make it even better, as an Ignite Fitness member, I got a $10 dollar discount.  Who doesn’t love that? 

I’m a very lucky person to have two great resources, Ignite Fitness and Fleet Feet that keep my fitness journey moving forward.  The good news is they’re available to everyone – I’m happy to share!

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