FITnatic Pledge

Take the FITnatic Pledge & Prevent Holiday Stuffing This Year!

It’s that time of year - the party going, cookie gobbling, present shopping, cold weather shivering time of year.

While these are wonderful excuses to spend quality time with family and friends and get cozy by the fire they can also take quite the toll on our waistlines. Free time taken up by holiday chores paired with uninviting winter weather make it harder to fit in exercise. When you add holiday treats to the mix, the chances of our jeans fitting come January 1st are not very good – we could say that the scales are not necessarily tipped in our favor.

In order to offset the excess and keep fit through the holiday season, we at Fleet Feet are taking a FITnatic Pledge and are asking all of you to do the same!  Every day from Black Friday through New Year’s Day, we pledge to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise – running, walking, biking, dancing, swimming, yoga, step aerobics, cross-fit, snow-shoeing, skiing, ice skating, sledding, shoveling snow…it all counts!

We will kick-off the FITnatic fun at our Poker Run at 8:30am on Black Friday, November 28th. Before we take off running we will all sign and recite The Official FITnatic Pledge. We will also post The Pledge on our facebook page that morning so that anyone not able to make it to the store can virtually “sign” it by commenting on the post.

Following the kick-off, we’ll post a FITnatic Fun Fact on our facebook page every morning at 8:00am. At any time during the day, comment on that post with your choice of exercise for that day and the duration – for example, “Bike-30” or “Swim-45.” We’ll assign 1 point to each post. We will also assign 1 point to anyone who “signs” The Pledge (posted on 11/28) on facebook and 5 points to anyone who signs The Official FITnatic Pledge in the store.  The three people who have the most points by January 1st will win super fun prizes to keep them FIT through the winter!

Let’s start a movement to turn Holiday Stuffing into Holiday Huffing!

So…who’s in?

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