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Is it time for new shoes but you can't find the time to make it into Fleet Feet Sports for a replacement pair?  We've got you covered! And, we ship for FREE!

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.  We'll have one of our FIT Associates call you to follow up, obtain additional information if necessary, and process payment over the phone.  It's that easy!

The lifespan of a shoe lasts approximately 300-500 miles, or 4-6 months.  A common source of running injuries is worn out shoes, so it's important to keep your feet protected and encouraged! 

If we might have your account in our system under the name of someone else in your family, please enter the name(s) here.
Please provide as much information as you can about the shoe you wish to replace. Information to include: brand, model name, gender, size, width.
If you currently wear insoles in your shoes, would you like us to trim a new pair to match your new shoes?
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