Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Athletic Trainer (ATC)?:

Certified Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals who work under the direction of a physician to prevent, evaluate, and treat functional limitations. ATCs are also highly trained in emergency management of athletic injuries. Stacy works under the direction of doctors Marc Lederman and Laura Vanderpool of West Hartford Podiatry 

Who do Athletic Trainers treat?:

Athletic Trainers work with recreational, amateur, and professional athletes, individuals who have suffered musculoskeletal injury, and those looking to enhance physical performance.

Do Athletic Trainers hold a license to practice athletic training?:        

Yes, In CT, athletic trainers hold a state license to practice athletic training and are recognized by the American Medical Association as healthcare providers.


For more info on Athletic Trainers, visit the National Athletic Trainers Association or The Connecticut Athletic Trainers Association

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