Cold & Hot Packs


The Therapearl reusable hot & cold pack conforms to your body for comfort and convenience. This pack can be frozen without losing its flexibility and heated in the microwave to deliver cold or hot therapy. Therapearl maintains its temperature for the recommended therapeutic icing/ heating time of 20 minutes. We carry Therapearl shin wraps which come two to a package and wrap nicely around the shin to provide contact along the whole length of the shin for relief of shin splint pain. We also have packs  specially shaped for the neck and back.


 Runner's Remedy

The age old recommendation of RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) is now more convenient with the use of Runner’s Remedy products. The benefits of compression and ice are combined through the use of compressive wraps that hold an ice pack. We carry Runner's Remedy wraps for the calf and arch. 


When should I use ice vs. heat?

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