FRoller - Ice & Massage

The FRoller is a handheld device that combines massage & ice. It can be used for recovery, maintenance, injury prevention & rehabilitation on the calves, shins, arches, quads, hamstrings, and IT Bands. It can also be used on the shoulder & trapezius muscles to ease tension.

The plastic rollers are filled with biodegradable freezable gel. The whole FRoller or the individual plastic rollers are placed in the freezer for at least 6 hours. Once frozen, the FRoller will provide between 15 – 90 minutes of cold depending on environmental conditions.

The FRoller can be stored in a cooler for travel so it can be used immediately after a workout or race. Cut recovery time in half by combing ice & massage. No cleanup of messy ice bags!

The FRoller

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