Inserts: Superfeet, SOLE, & Spenco

Why use inserts?

Inserts can enhance the feel and function of your foot within a properly fit shoe. The foot functions in 3 axes of motion. Since shoes are 2 dimensional, the use of inserts can help to improve the comfort and fit of a shoe.  We carry three brands of inserts: Superfeet, SOLE, and Spenco.



Superfeet was founded by two doctors in 1977 after they branched off from Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. The premium insoles that Superfeet produces are based on proven podiatric medicine and the founder’s 45 plus years of knowledge and experience of working on feet.

The feet are the foundation of the entire skeletal system. Misalignment in the feet can cause the arch to collapse, which can cause pain in the feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, and even up into the back, shoulders, and neck.

Encaspsulating Stabilizer System, note the deep heel cup and firm platform

Superfeet insoles provide a firm, supportive foundation to hold the body’s infrastructure in place. They contain an Encapsulating Stabilizer System (ESS) which supports the heel, allowing the foot to move easily through its range of motion. The ESS stabilizes the bone structure and slows down the rate of pronation. It also cups the heel fat pad, enhancing the natural shock absorbing qualities of our body. Superfeet insoles provide increased shock absorption, a more efficient stride, and better balance and posture. Through proper alignment of the foot, Superfeet can help alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, shin splints, and knee pain. They can also help to reduce “hot spots” that turn into blisters by reducing areas of friction.

Which Superfeet is right for me?

There are many different options of Superfeet. Ask a Fleet Feet FIT Professional for help in selecting the proper insert for your foot.

Blue – fits most athletic and casual shoes

Green – provides the most shock absorption

Berry – contains a forefoot shock pad and is designed to fit a woman’s foot

Orange – contains a forefoot shock pad for increased comfort

Black – slim support for cleats and tight fitting footwear

Carbon (new product!) - carbon fiber and polymer blend to make a thin, supportive, and responsive insole. Great for tight fitting, minimal footwear.

Yellow – fits skates, cycling shoes, and track spikes

Copper –  Three layers of memory foam on top of a firm platform offers support and comfort. Originally designed for diabetics, this insert is also good for people with sensitive feet or for those who work on their feet (construction, police, fire, health care, teachers)

Wooly Whitelined with 90% Merino wool to fit footwear that is worn without socks (slippers, Ugg boots, moccasins)

Dress – ¾ length insert fits into tighter fitting dress shoes, available in men’s and women’s


The orthopedic base layer of Sole molds (either wear moldable or heat moldable) to your foot, providing customized support. The moldable feature of Sole allows for a continuous contact point across the entire length and width of the foot. There are many benefits of continuous contact, including support of the medial longitudinal arch, equalized pressure distribution in the forefoot (ball of foot and toes), and decreased strain on the soft tissues of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Through research done at the Running Injury Clinic in Alberta, Canada, accommodative Sole footbeds have been proven to reduce strain on the plantar fascia by 34%.

Sole footbeds not only reduce strain on soft tissues, they also help with shock absorption, and better align the foot for energy transfer which results in greater power and endurance of the foot and leg muscles.

SOLE inserts can be used for relief of pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and in cases of under pronation where increased shock absorption is necessary.

We carry two types of Sole footbeds. The Softec Ultra which has 3.2mm of cushioning is good for higher volume athletic shoes, hiking shoes, and work boots. The Softec Response has 1.6mm of cushioning and is good for most athletic shoes and will even fit into a ski boot!

Sole footbeds are durable and have a moisture wicking top sheet to help the product last. The average life of a Sole is 1 year, or typically, 2 pairs of shoes. There is a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


For over 40 years, Spenco has been a recommended brand of insoles by the American Podiatric Medical Association. We carry 3 different Spenco products; Total Support, Spenco RX, and Spenco PolySorb.

Total Support Original insoles provide semi-rigid support for stability, shock absorption, and comfort. It is recommended for anyone looking to support the arch and heel to reduce over pronation.

Spenco RX is clinically designed with SpenCore, a layer of cushion that absorbs shock and reduces friction. The Spenco RX comfort insert provides a thin, flat layer of extra lightweight cushioning. It is ideal for people with hard custom orthotics that are looking for a little extra cushion and comfort.

Spenco PolySorb Walker / Runner insoles provide contoured, flexible support. These insoles offer increased shock absorption in the rearfoot and are recommended for heavy heel strikers or anyone looking for increased heel cushioning.

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