Injury Recovery Starter Kits

Early intervention is the best way to stop an injury from progressing and get back to pain free activity. We have created “starter kits” to give you the tools you will need to feel better faster. Receive a special discounted price when you purchase these items as part of the kit.

Plantar Fasciitis  Starter Kit

This kit contains one Foot Rubz massage ball and one Feetures Plantar Fascia Sleeve. Use the massage ball to roll out the adhesions (scar tissue) along the arch of the foot and help keep the tissue flexible. Wear the sleeve during the day under your normal socks to provide compression and support to the arch while helping to increase blood flow to the area and promote healing.

Shin Splint Starter Kit

This kit contains one set of CEP Compression Sleeves and one Therapearl Shin Splint Ice/ Hot Pack. Use the Therapearl pack to ice both shins at the same time after a run or workout to decrease pain and inflammation. Therapearl remains pliable when it’s frozen, so it will contour perfectly to the shin. The compression sleeves can be worn during activity to provide support to the shin muscles commonly associated with shin splints (tibialis posterior and tibialis anterior muscles). Compression will also encourage blood flow to the area during activity, which carries oxygen to the working muscles and helps prevent them from fatigue.


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