Recovering is just as important as being prepared. Without recovery after the run, your body will be worn down  and exhausted before the next workout. Not only do poor recovery habits decrease physical performance, they also increase chances of injuries such as ligament sprains and muscle/tendon strains.

Nutrition -  During exercise, your body depletes calories from food previously eaten, and is craving for replenishing. Optimal re-absorption takes place up to 15 minutes after a workout. Having an energy or nutrition bar waiting for you is always a good idea to keep you healthy and alert!  Click here to learn more about nutrition.

Compression - Compression is very beneficial to muscle recovery. Compression helps the arteries to relax and assists the veins in pumping blood from the feet and lower legs, back to the heart. Increased blood flow helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles. CEP Compression Socks help increase blood circulation by up to 30%, shortening recovery time.

Stretching/massaging - Stretching after a workout is just as important, if not more important than beforehand. After exercise, your muscles will be heated and receptive to stretching. As they cool down, they tense up and do not stretch as well.  You should stretch your muscles during the cooling process to allow them to relax and lengthen after a workout. There are many different stretches and self-massaging tools that we can help you with. Come visit our "Stretching Corner" and ask a Fleet Feet staff member for tips on stretching.

Ice - Applying ice to tired, sore muscles after a tough workout or race will help to decrease pain, swelling, inflammation , and muscle spasm. Click here to learn more about the benefits of ice.

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