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SOLE  10/9/12

One of the most common injuries runners and walkers experience is Plantar Fasciitis. Almost every hour someone comes hobbling into the store looking for help.   While, stretching, icing and wearing the Strassburg Sock are great treatments, we are happy to announce that we now carry Sole footbeds which have recently been scientifically proven to reduce strain on the plantar fascia by 34%. That may not seem like a lot, but if you are struggling with PF, it may mean the difference between relief that kick-starts healing and a stubborn pain that never goes away.

A cool feature of Sole footbeds is that they are heat moldable (either via your own foot's heat or via the oven) such that it provides customized support and continuous contact points across the entire length and width of your foot. This leads to arch support, equalized pressure distribution in the forefoot and decreased strain on the soft tissues of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They also help with shock absorption and better align the foot for energy transfer which results in greater power and endurance of the foot and leg muscles.

We will be offering two arry two types of Sole footbeds: the Softec Ultra which has 3.2mm of cushioning making it best for sneakers, hiking shoes and work boots with high volumes, and the Softec Response which has 1.6mm of cushioning, making it good lower volume sneakers and ski boots.

Both feature a moisture wicking top sheet for added durability and will last about 1 year (about two pairs of shoes). They also feature a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, for risk-free trying.


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