Tips from the Locals Poll - Hills

Hill SeekerHills! Love 'em or hate 'em, they make us stronger runners.  Here are some of our "favorites":


The best hill is obviously THE hill in the Bolton Road Race! Everyone should run the hill!- Stephanie G.


Charter Oak Greenway. Starting at the intersection of Main St (RT 83) and Hartford Rd running the green way past the sports fields and all the way up takes you a nice scenic route up "Heartbreak Hill" from the Manchester Road Race. The whole thing is nicely paved, and there are no cars to worry about since it is a greenway so it is good for early mornings if it is a bit dark out. From bottom to top is it about 2.15 miles (uphill all the way) with ~265 feet of elevation gain varying between slight and steep hills. –Rob J.

Highland Street Hill. Nothing says Thanksgiving in CT like the mile long Highland Street hill which runners tackle at Mile 1 of the Manchester Road Race! -Steph B.

Wickham Park! It's a beautiful place and although the a hill work out there is always a tough one, you definitely will not regret it when you have to run hills in races!- Alyssa V.


Castle Craig is a brutal hill, my coach used to make us run up it once a season after a 15 mile run!- Matt W.


The trails in the Ethel Walker Woods in Simsbury. There are a variety of ups and downs and one long monster hill with a beautiful view at the top. Shady, wooded, quiet trails. – Lori S.

West Hartford:

Beacon Hill because it was the infamous hill for high school XC runs and because there is an entrance to the reservoir trails at the top. Perfect for long runs! – Ariana A.

Buena Vista neighborhood to do looping repeats. The hills are steep and long enough to make you want to quit, and the traffics not usually too bad. – Chris D.

Keeney Rd is great for hill repeats. It intersects Walden, which is also a good hill. Go up one hill, down the other, then turn around and repeat. –Mary E.

Keeney Ave, West Hartford. It's short but steep with only local traffic passing you and it's easy to circle around the block so you can repeat (and repeat and repeat). –Johanna C.

Richmond Ln near Norfedlt Elementary. It's long and gradual but has a steep section near the top. – Drew H

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