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We believe that "Running Changes Everything".  It trims our waistlines and boosts our immune systems. It makes our hearts and minds strong. It empowers us to tackle new adventures in our personal and professional lives. It connects us to new people who quickly become "sole"mates. It makes us laugh. It allows us to indulge in our favorite food and drink. It gives us purpose. It enables us to do something good for ourselves.

Last year over 500 people, from first-timers to seasoned runners, experienced the power of running through our training programs.  Participants become like family, and we are honored to be a part of their journey, witnessing their triumphs as they crossed the finish line, conquered new distances and shaved minutes off previous personal bests.

We invite you to join us and experience your own life-changing adventure. We have programs for all ability levels - walkers, aspiring runners, as well as those who want to be more competitive. We even have a drop-in program for distance runners who want to train with a group, but don't want the structure of a formal training program.

Our professionally-designed programs offer more than just a workout.  From Day One, you will become part of our running/walking community where experienced coaches will work out WITH you and cheer you on. You will make new friends with similar goals, and enjoy a motivational atmosphere that helps keep you engaged so you want - and can - stick with the program...even when it snows or rains!

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Fleet Feet Running Club More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 6
Program Schedule: Wednesday's @ 6:30pm & Saturday's at 8:30am
Program Fee: FREE


Program Start: Saturday, January 6, 2018
Program Schedule: Group Walk Each Saturday for 10 weeks
Goal Race: O'Hartford 5k
Program Fee: $95 (does not include race registration fee). Price increases $10 at midnight January 5th.
Description: WalkFIT helps you take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle. WalkFIT is an excellent choice if you are currently inactive and want to improve your fitness level and overall health. You will meet wonderful fitness friends and enjoy working out in a supportive and motivational environment.
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No Boundaries 5k More Info »

Program Start: January 6, 2018
Program Schedule: Coached Group Runs Each Saturday at 9 am for 10 Weeks, plus guided runs on Mondays and Wednesday at 6:30 pm
Goal Race: O'Hartford 5k
Program Fee: $95.00. Price does not include race registration fees. Price increases $10 at midnight on January 5th.
Description: This program offers two options: a "couch to 5K" run/walk program alongside an all-run option for those who have recently completed a 5k and want to keep going and eliminate run/walk intervals and build endurance. No Boundaries coaches will still be with you every step of the way!
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Fast 5k More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 6
Program Schedule: Weekly Runs
Goal Race: O'Hartford 5k - March 18
Program Fee: $95
Description: Start the New Year fast! While our No Boundaries & WalkFit 5k programs have helped hundreds of people finish a 5k, our new FAST 5k program is all about speed. We have partnered with one of the regions best 5k coaches, Scott Wojnarowicz, to offer this brand new program that will take your 5k training to a whole new level.
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5 Miler Training More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 6, 2018
Program Schedule: Group Runs Each Week for 10 Weeks
Goal Race: Bolton 5 Mile Road Race
Program Fee: $95.00. Price does not include race registration fees. Price increases $10 at midnight on January 5th.
Description: Take the next step in your running experience with this fun and challenging 5 Mile Training Program. We'll help you get even stronger - maybe faster too!
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Advanced Half Marathon Training More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 6
Program Schedule: 5-6 days/week
Goal Race: Newport Half Marathon - April 14 (or other spring half)
Program Fee: $400 ($200 coaching fee + $200 fee for 15-week CrossFit Hartford membership)
Description: Training for and completing a Half Marathon is a challenging and rewarding endeavor – especially when you want to improve upon past performance…and not just by a few seconds. Achieving a serious personal best takes commitment, hard-work and dedication. It also means addressing your weaknesses, varying your training and trusting the training plan even if it may seem a bit nontraditional compared to other training programs. If you are ready for a challenge & want to get stronger/faster, this program may be just what you were looking for.
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Winter Marathon Training Program More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 6
Program Schedule: Group runs on Wed & Sat
Goal Race: Newport (April 14) or Boston Marathons (April 16)
Program Fee: $200 for coaching (does not include race entry fee)
Description: Fleet Feet is super excited to partner with Mike Cohen, one of CT’s premiere distance coaches, to offer a winter marathon training program. Whether this is your first marathon or your twentieth; whether you just want to finish or to PR (BQ!), this is a great program to help you achieve your goal.
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UCAN Change Challenge More Info »

Program Start: Monday, January 8, 2018
Program Schedule: 6-weeks
Program Fee: FREE (though you do need to purchase UCAN products if you want to use them)
Description: If your New Years Resolutions include losing a few pounds or even just eating cleaner (but you really don't want to diet), this might be the challenge for you! We ran a mini version of this challenge last spring and had some incredible results with the majority of active participants dropping a 2-3% body fat in just 6-weeks. The challenge is simple, have a UCAN protein shake for breakfast and replace one afternoon snack with a UCAN bar - eat normally the rest of the time. UCAN nutritionists will help conduct the challenge and there will be discounts on UCAN for participants.
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CrossFit Crossover More Info »

Program Start: The Week of December 3
Program Schedule: CrossFit Hartford: Sunday's @ 12:15pm, Tuesday's @ 7:30pm or Thursday's @ 7:30pm -- CrossFit Simsbury: Sunday's @ 8am
Program Fee: $145
Description: Cross training is an essential element of running. Every movement you make starts from the core. Develop a strong core and you will not only see improvements in performance, but it can help prevent injury which allows you to consistently train harder and build upon your successes. Great things happen when you focus on becoming fundamentally strong. Join one of our 10-week sessions and find out for yourself!
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