Half Marathon

Half Marathon = 13.1 Miles

Are you contemplating the next level in your running journey? Our Half-Marathon training program is perfect for runners who have completed a few 5ks or 10ks and want to challenge themselves to complete 13.1 miles.

This training program is targeted for those who want to run the Amica Iron Half Marathon on Sunday, June 1. Training will begin Saturday, March 15th. Practices are Saturday mornings at 8am to start – though as runs get longer, practice may be moved earlier.  

Runners are encouraged to join our Wednesday evening Fun Runs and Thursday night Track Workouts to improve your endurance, speed...and to meet new running partners so you don't have to run alone if you don't want to. 

To participate in this program, you should be able to run 6 miles at a 11:00 mile pace or better by the first practice.

Coaches are available to answer any questions via e-mail, and send a weekly e-mail newsletter with the training plan and additional tips to stay healthy. Special mini-clinics will ensure that in addition to training properly, you're given the right knowledge about footwear, socks, insoles, sports bras, hydration and other important topics that can improve your enjoyment of running.

If anything is more exciting that completing your first Half Marathon, it's completing it with a great team of friends!

Program Details:

  • Starts, Saturday, March 15 @ 8am
  • Goal Race is Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon (June 1)
  • Coached Group Runs are Saturday at 8am (meet at store)
  • Optional group runs on Wed at 6:30pm or track workouts on Thu at 6:30pm
  • Fee: $125 (does NOT include race entry fee)
  • Register: Online or in-store

Click here to register online.

Questions? Email training@fleetfeethartford.com