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CrossFit Half Marathon Training - Spring 2019



Training for and completing a Half Marathon is a challenging and rewarding endeavor – especially when you want to improve upon past performance…and not just by a few seconds. Achieving a serious personal best takes commitment, hard-work and dedication. It also means addressing your weaknesses, varying your training and trusting the training plan even if it may seem a bit non-traditional compared to other training programs.

Fleet Feet is excited to once again partner with Coach Kevin Doyle, owner & head coach at CrossFit Hartford to offer an unique twist on a training program for the Iron Horse Half Marathon in Simsbury on June 2. 

Wait, what?? A CrossFit coach? What does he know about running a half marathon? Turn out, quite a lot since nearly everyone who completed this program last year achieved a PR and bested their goal time. 

“CrossFit” is just a fancy name for a cross-training workout based on functional movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, hinging, twisting and walking. The basic movements of life. The basic movements of running.

Hartford Half 2018If you’ve done other running programs before, you know there is always a day or two set aside for cross-training (you know, the workouts you normally skipped…or just went for an easy run instead). There is a reason for that: cross training is an essential element of running.

Every movement you make starts from the core. Develop a strong core and you will not only see improvements in performance, but it can help prevent injury which allows you to consistently train harder and build upon your successes. Great things happen when you focus on becoming fundamentally strong.

Getting strong and developing your aerobic engine to run strong for 13.1 miles is the goal of this program (well that and working out with other cool people and getting in the best shape of your life). This will happen through a proven training plan that combines running 2-3 days per week with aerobic workouts on rowers and bikes (same sweat-inducing workout as running, only less stressful on your body) and a functional workout designed to improve your overall strength, endurance and power. It’s not always going to be easy, but it will be worth it!

If you are ready to make the transition from completing to competing; if you are ready to try a training plan that is a bit out of the ordinary (and a whole lot extraordinary), then we’ve got the program for you!  

Start Date: Sunday, March 17

Goal Race: Iron Horse Half Marathon (June 2)

Fee: $200 for coaching/training plan + $200 for membership to CrossFit Hartford's Endurance Training Center (12 weeks) 

Registration includes personalized training program designed by Coach Doyle, weekly check-ins with the coaches and a special 12-week membership to CrossFit Hartford. CrossFit membership includes the weekly “FUNdamentals of Fitness” functional workout and access to the Endurance Training Center (ETC) featuring Concept 2 rowers and assault bikes to complete your other prescribed weekly workouts. These non-running workouts are the key to the success of this program as they will enhance performance, reduce injury risk and develop a mindset that is as strong as your body.

Sample Program Format:
Saturday – Group long run at Fleet Feet (8:30am)
Sunday – Coached Cross-Training Workout at CrossFit Hartford (8am)
Monday – Easy Run, Mobility and/or Rest
Tuesday – Row/Bike Workout on own at CrossFit Hartford
Wednesday – Group Run at Fleet Feet (6:30pm)
Thursday – Row/Bike Workout on own at CrossFit Hartford
Friday – Rest 


Click HERE to read about Fleet Feet owner, Stephanie Blozy's experience during the Spring 2018 CrossFit Half Marathon Training Program.



Susan WalkerReady for a challenge? Then I recommend the CF 1/2 Marathon program with Coach Doyle. Weekly group workouts provide motivation and daily assignments provide a map to your weekly goals. It is not easy, but the training makes the finish line all the sweeter.

It has finally sunk in for me that every part of your body helps you run - so running is not the only thing you need to do to increase your stamina and pace. I was worried entering the program knowing that I would most likely be the slowest in the group. Everyone was very supportive and the great thing is you work at your best pace. 

(Susan PR’ed the 2018 Hartford Half Marathon despite the pouring rain!)



I entered the Fleet Feet/Crossfit Hartford half-marathon training program with Coach Doyle for a different type of training experience coupled with better accountability. The unique cross-training approach was a welcome relief from more traditional training methods, and I can definitely say that it worked! I ran a personal-best in the 2018 Eversource half marathon and I would highly recommend the program to runners of all levels. I can confidently say that I will be back for round two this summer in attempt to PR again in 2019!



If you want to find a safe place where you'll be humbled, encouraged, challenged and realize small breakthroughs every three weeks or so; get to CFH, see Coach Doyle, meet your tribe with whom you'll bond deeply and sweat immensely. Be ready to meet and surpass your half marathon goals!

I started the half marathon training program in Jan. 2018, by May, I secured a 10K PR by 1 min and a Half PR by 4 mins. By June (and finally again in August), another 10K PR (sub :50). In September, I scored two more half PRs (both 1:50). That means my half time dropped by a total of 9 mins since registering for the half marathon training program! I know it's because of Coach Doyle's endurance training program.

My advice: Register today, show up, trust the process, give your best in each session, be ready to conquer mental and physical barriers, crush your current goals and set new ones!




What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! 

Rowing machines? Assault bikes? What does that have to do with running a marathon?  Plenty! And Coach Doyle will prove to you how strength and endurance training (and oh yeah, running!) all come together to make you a marathon athlete! 

I'm not a couch potato, but I'm no marathoner! With the help of Coach Doyle I ran my first half marathon and finished a better than my goal time. Along the way I reached many personal milestones/bests.  This program is a great motivator, makes you stronger and gives you confidence to get to the finish line.  I highly recommend and I will definitely sign up again! 


Besty Udal


I had always been a traditional runner, but in 2016 I trained for the Providence Half Marathon with Coach Doyle at CrossFit Hartford. Over 3 months, I mainly did strength and conditioning work – including quality sessions on the assault bike. I only ran once or twice a week - my longest training run was just 9 miles.  

I ran the race in 1:44, a 9-minute PR over my previous best half marathon. I felt physically strong and, more importantly, mentally tough. When I wanted to slow down, Coach Doyle’s training – body and mind - kicked in and I didn't.  My last mile was quick. 

I discovered that through CrossFit Hartford, I am a stronger, faster and tougher runner, despite that fact that I hardly run any miles now.  I have since PR'd my 5k by over 90 seconds and have also found a new "fit family", people that support me no matter what and help me to thrive in all aspects of my life.


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Program Start: Sunday, March 17
Program Schedule: 5-6 days/week
Goal Race: Iron Horse Half Marathon (June 2)
Program Fee: $400 ($200 coaching fee + $200 fee for 12-week CrossFit Hartford membership)
Description: Training for and completing a Half Marathon is a challenging and rewarding endeavor – especially when you want to improve upon past performance…and not just by a few seconds. Achieving a serious personal best takes commitment, hard-work and dedication. It also means addressing your weaknesses, varying your training and trusting the training plan even if it may seem a bit nontraditional compared to other training programs. If you are ready for a challenge & want to get stronger/faster, this program may be just what you were looking for.
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