Ton of Fun Challenge Details

What is it?

The Ton of Fun Challenge is a community program designed to support people in living healthier, more active lives. The program does this by educating participants about all of the many facets that go into living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging healthy habits.  This is neither a diet nor a workout plan, it is a broad-spectrum program that is meant to teach healthy behaviors, and turn healthy behaviors into healthy habits, and healthy habits into a healthy lifestyle. We’ve challenged Hartford and the surrounding towns to lose 2,000 lbs in 12 weeks, and we are giving every person who accepts the challenge the tools and support they need to accomplish their goals. We’ve got an all-star cast on board this year to provide valuable resources for you with exercise classes, nutrition insight, massage and relaxation seminars, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, weekly walks, and MORE!

How does it work?

Step 1: Enroll!

Upon enrollment (either online or in-store) participants will pay a $50 registration fee (which can be earned back upon completion of the program!)

Step 2: Get to the starting line!

 On January 5th, Fleet Feet will host a kick-off day where participants come to the store to give their initial weigh-in and pick up a welcome packet! Note: all weigh-ins will be done in private by trained, female, program coordinators. The night will also boast program-only specials in store for any tools that participants may need to help them during the program. Many of our partners will be there as well to give you a look at some of the amazing resources you’ll have access to throughout the program!

Additionally all participants will be invited to our Ton-of-Fun-only Facebook group where they can share ideas, talk about challenges, struggles, successes etc.

Step 3: Get to the finish line!

Each week participants will come to Fleet Feet to weigh-in and record their progress. The scales will be open from Thursday-Saturday with a trained program coordinator on-hand. Note: participants must weigh in 8 out of the 12 weeks in order to be eligible to win back their enrollment fee.

Participants will also receive a weekly eNewsletter to update the group on their progress and offer support to them in various lifestyle areas. Signature columns like a health challenge (eg replacing a soda with water, or taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator once per day) will be run and health-experts like nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, etc will also contribute on a rotating basis to help participants gain insight all of the facets of living a healthier lifestyle. New for 2015!!!- We will have a leader board! Upon registration you will be assigned a code that only you know so you can see who is leading the way! We have partnered with an amazing group of health and wellness experts who will give all participants FREE classes, discussions, tours, walks, etc and be available to answer and address any and all of your questions. Join us for weekly opportunities including group walks, supermarket tours, cooking demonstrations, and more!

And then we celebrate!

Upon completion of the program participants are eligible to earn back their $50 enrollment fee AND MORE depending on how well they did in meeting their goals.

Anyone who completes 8 out of the 12 weigh-ins and loses 5% of their body weight (a 200 lb person must lose 10 lbs) receives a $50 Fleet Feet gift certificate. Anyone who loses 3% of their bodyweight (a 200 lb person must lose 6 lbs) will receive a $25 certificate.

Anyone who loses additional weight is eligible for the following “clubs”

  • Anyone who loses 3.1 lbs is eligible for the 5k Club and wins a corresponding prize
  • Anyone who loses 6.3 lbs is a member of the 10k Club and wins an even better prize!
  • Anyone who loses 13.1 additional lbs is inducted into the Half Marathon Club and wins an even better prize!!
  • Anyone who loses 26.2 additional lbs is inducted into the Marathon Club and wins an EVEN better prize!!!
  • Anyone losing more than 30 lbs of additional weight is inducted into the Ultra Club & wins an EVEN better prize!!!!

This IS a challenge, and there is a winner (6, actually!) The top 3 men and women who lose the highest percentage of their body weight will be eligible to win one of our grand prizes! The total value of our grand prizes from last round was over $1,000!!!

Following the program Fleet Feet will host a finish-line victory potluck for participants to mingle, share their stories, their favorite healthy dish or refreshment and celebrate all that they’ve accomplished! This year we will ALSO host a finish-line healthy cook-off with prizes from Fleet Feet Sports and Get Out ‘N Play!


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